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2010/04/12 02:29

I am a style-designer. Originally, I intended to have my LASIK done after Chinese New Year when the slack-time period in my job comes. However, I had only one pair of two-week replacement lens left, and I had not bought a new one timely. So, I got the idea to have my surgery done in advance. Then, on March 8, I made an appointment with Nobel Ophthalmology Clinic for preoperative examination, in order to assess the environment as well as the President Dr. Chang. (PS. Another ophthalmology clinic would charge designation fee for designing specific doctor.) From No. 8 Exit of Taipei Rapid Transit System, the signboard of Nobel was seen right away. I felt quite comfortable upon entering the door. The operation room is in open and transparent design, for people to see the process of surgery. It’s a pity that I happened to see none. While I was filling my data, the young lady sitting opposite to me was signing her Surgery Informed Consent. In the middle of the lobby was a white grand piano. I hoped that someday I might have the chance to appreciate Dr. Chang ‘s performance. After I paid my registration fee for NT.150, my preoperative examination began. I was qualified, without exceeding nearsightedness and astigmatism, and my corneal thickness was moderate. So, a general LASIK would be enough for me. I felt like I’d better not to bargain, because quality is the most important thing in a surgery. The latest Wavefront LASIK or INTRALASE will be suitable for people who have high-degree nearsightedness and astigmatism or other eye problem, and the cost is about NT. 40,000 to NT. 50,000. When consulting, you will be provided with complete data of introduction, and you can ask any question. I had a concern about photophobia in my eyes. Hoever, the doctor said that it would cause no influence yet not better, but remains status quo. Combined with others’ same experiences I had searched on the internet, I felt easy in mind to make an appointment with Dr. Chang for surgery. Dr. Chang was very kind. After seeing my data, he said “no problem at all”. I felt relieved on the spot. I had my reason as for why I chose this ophthalmology clinic and designed Dr. Chang. In past 2 or 3 years, I had been thinking about having LASIK, but I was hesitated, with somewhat fear. Nobel has a good reputation, and it has not many branches. You don’t have to worry whether the doctor’s skill is qualified or not. I believe that the risks in surgery will be reduced, since it has a good reputation with many people’s recommendation. Because I have to apply cosmetics for brides in early morning, and wearing glasses means inconvenience for me at work, my life will be better after LASIK is done. The long-term costs in glass-matching, lens care solutions and contact lens will be saved more. So, I would like to write down my personal experience in detail, for reference for people who intend to have surgery.

The process of surgery -1

On March 20, I arrived at the clinic at 15:00 on time. I was a little nervous indeed, yet with a little bit high spirit. I thought about that finally I could get rid of the annoyance of wearing glasses. Because I was the first person to undergo the surgery, I could not see the entire process. So I asked Mr. Kuo to take photos for me in the whole course, for the purpose of knowing the entire process after coming home.

The process of surgery -2
2010/04/12 14:29

Two times of sterilization were done before I sat on the operating table. By dropping medicinal liquid, the eyes were anesthetized easily. I felt numb at my forehead and the surroundings of my eyes. After confirmation was made completely and the anesthetic exerted its function, Dr. Chang came in. Upon coming in, Dr. Chang asked the patient’s name and confirmed the degrees of nearsightedness. I told Dr. Chang seriously, “Depend on you!”, and Dr. Chang answered “No problem”, with his consistent confidence. For surgical success, I told myself not to be afraid totally. A considerate nurse stretched her hand into the blanket for me to hold it, asking me continuously to look at the red spot woodenly. At the same time, the mechanical voice of ta-ta-ta spread into my ears. The final countdown for LASIK was also made, to let me have psychological preparation. Time passed swiftly, and the surgery was successful.


After the surgery
2010/04/12 16:19

When my eyes opened, my tears flew out greatly. My eyes suffered from photophobia considerably. I felt sense of foreign matter in my eyes, just like improper wearing of contact lens. So I took pain-killer, and then took a rest. I had my surgery done around 16:00, and I could watch TV at 22:00. At this moment, I began to feel in high spirit. It’s so amazing that the scary operation just done in several hours ago would enable me to regain my eyesight so soon.


Postoperative care
2010/04/12 15:42  

1. Wind-proof Glasses Exclusive for LASIK: You must wear this when going outdoors.
2. Eye Drops: a is steroids, b is antibiotics, and c is Artificial Tear. One drop each bottle, in an interval of five minutes, for every two hours after surgery.
3. Eye Protector: used when sleeping. Stick the protector on the eyes with transparent adhesive tape, for fear of touching the eyes mindlessly when sleeping or turning over. It made me feel relieved indeed when sleeping. Wear it at least 3 days.

Good recovery
2010/04/12 18:45

On Thursday, I went to the clinic for second subsequent visit. My eyesight became 1.2, with zero degree in optometry. The doctor said I recovered well. I could wash my face, my hair, my body and go swimming as usual, and I could be back to my normal life, except rubbing my eyes and doing highly-exciting activities such as Bungy-jumping and Great Free Widgets. All I had to do was to drop the remaining Eye Drops and take care of my eyes well.
Sometimes, I would forget that I had no nearsightedness already. When waking up in the morning, I don’t have to find my glasses any more. When eating hot food, steam will annoy me no more. So good!

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